Press Release: Daily Would Radio is your new Daily Motivation!

Curt Collins launched Daily Would Radio after losing his job in 2020 and falling into a pit of depression and anxiety. Curt Said, "after seeing so many Queer spaces close and so many people struggling with mental health. It came to me, that I should create a new virtual happy place for the LGBTQ+ our straight allies community. Radio & Music have always been my biggest passion, so I came up with the idea to start my a radio station with fabulous music and inspiring shows...what Daily Would means to me is Daily Motivation, doing something for yourself that uplifts through the power of music and interesting shows."

Daily Would Radio (DwR), a new Los Angeles based inclusive radio station is now available for download on Apple App Store including Apple TV and Apple Watch. DwR is also available on Google Play, Android TV and Amazon's Alexa, just enable the skill and say, "Alexa start Daily Would Radio." Daily Would Radio plays a true mix of music ranging from The Cars to Cher and all the way to Megan Thee Stallion.

Launching April 1st, a new Morning Show, Morning Would launches live on DwR weekdays at 8 A.M. P.T. Wake up with Morning Would, hosted by Daily Would Radio's founder, Curt Collins. Morning Would was originally a live podcast on Spreaker Podcast App and listened to people from all over the world. The reboot, "will be so much," said host Curt Collins. Featuring fabulous guests, playing music to get your day moving and discussing current events, wake up with, Morning Would, a show for everyone!

Happy Wave - Daily Would Radio

Model Santosh wearing Daily Would Radio Merchandise

Curt Collins founder of Daily Would Radio

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