Kickstarter Update DwR

Launching a new business is so scary but also really exciting. I can't sleep because I am so full of ideas of how to promote, build and just create a really cool radio station that I am proud of. I woke up this morning with the sweetest message; that someone found an episode of my podcast Morning Would which was about Mental Health and it was so great to hear that my message of love, acceptance, hope and happiness is being spread around the world. I launched a kickstarter to help Daily Would Radio thrive by being able to hire talent, acquire music licensing and market our new station.

Thank You to everyone who has donated to our kickstarter, we are at $845.00. Thank you to everyone who is also helping me spread the word and I was really surprised because some people have been even venmoing me money.

This past year I was wondering what the heck am I here for? Why did God make me? I did a lot of soul searching of who I am, what I represent and what I can bring into the world. I believe I can create a new safe space similar to the one like I always felt going to FIVE Nightclub in Madison Wi as a young gay who was so lost in the world. A place that helps promote local queer businesses, charities, drag queens and dreams. DwR is going to spread happiness through the power of music and great radio shows, along with a fun social media presence. Thank You everyone who believes in me and for all your support. It really means the world to me! We also have really nice new Hoodies, T-Shirts and Tank Tops that all come with Free Shipping and a lot of love; Come Ride The Happy Wave!

Donate to our kickstarter today! #lgbtq

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