Daily Would Radio Update

Updated: May 3

We are off to such a great start, over 2,000 listeners in the first month, 520 listeners in last 7 days. Thank you to everyone who has been listening and sharing our station.

Morning Would is hosted by Curt Collins Weekdays at 8 AM PST

Be apart of our show - We are looking for guests, info@dailywouldradio.com or you can Leave a Voicemail Anytime, 1-833-woof2me aka 1-833-966-3263

Monday - Roommates Gone Wild (Call In And Tell us About a Wild Roommate You've Had.)

Tuesday - Mental Health Tuesday (Tell us how you are doing, ask for advice, we are here for you)

Wednesday - Wonderful Wednesday (We want to hear what is going on in your life that is wonderful, let us celebrate you)

Thursday - Big Dream Thursday, where we talk about our big dreams for yourself and/or the world. (call in and tell us your Big Dream).

Friday - Fun Topics Friday, we want to hear about your worst break up, best/worst pick up lines, most embarrassing moment, something unexpected that happened to you during sex, your purpose, what's your favorite smell, wildest place you had sex? Leave a voicemail and tell us all about it, also looking for guests, info@dailywouldradio.com.

Listen to previous episodes on our App under Morning Would or here.

Perfectly Said Period, Let's Chat About It hosted by Cheryl, Sundays at 4 PM PST

Perfectly Said Period, Let's Chat about it is a fabulous new show on Daily Would Radio, hosted by the amazing Cheryl, each week she has a new topic with guests who deep dive into a no hold back conversation filled with their truths and love. You can catch past episodes on our App under Perfectly Said Period or here.

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