Daily Would Radio Update

I wanted to give everyone an update about WtF is Curt doing, right? You see my posts and think, that guy is always doing something and you are right, I've done a lot of different things in the past couple of years all with varying levels of success. My podcast, The Curt Collins Show, was listened to in over 29 countries and had thousands of listeners, I'd consider that a great success it was also my learning podcast. I never knew how to edit audio or produce a show before but proud to say, now I know how to edit audio and put on a show!

To start this story out, I've filed to start my own Media Corporation, Curt Collins Media Inc. which previously was a sole proprietorship, that I made but never knew what I wanted to do with. In a couple of weeks we will be a brand new California S-Corporation with a vision and a mission. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 2016 as a double major who studied Marketing and Supply Chain/Operations Management but I again never knew what I wanted to do with this degree either but having a business degree has already helped me so much in launching my own corporation and I will use those skills to help CCM Inc., become successful.

First CCM Inc., will be launching a new LGBTQ + our straight allies online radio station.

Now here come the questions, What is this station? How do you make money? What's the story?

The story goes, after losing my job in 2020 and the year we've all just had, I didn't want to go back into something I hated or where I felt like the Grim Reaper everyday just harassing everyone for Rent (especially during a pandemic). I wanted to pursue my passions and one of my passions has always been music and radio.

It took some time but I decided after the year we all had, with gay bars closing at a rapid pace, with people suffering all around the world from depression, anxiety and isolation. I thought a new online radio station can become a new happy safe place. I then thought about, what kind of shows do I want, what kind of music do I want to play and I am so proud to announce that I already have 2 new shows in development with hopefully a 3rd on the way. I decided I wanted shows from a wide range of people, that can bring really high quality, fun shows to the airwaves. While thinking about the power of music Daily Would Radio will be playing songs people love, songs that bring back memories while also bringing inspiration and love. This station will be one of love and happiness with the power of music and hosts who bring a lot of love and experience to the table.

The most commonly asked question I get is, how will you make money from this?

Making money from the station, won't be an automatic thing, it will be first about getting listeners, people to download my apps and then presenting that data to get ads and sponsors.

Creating a media company, I also want to branch off in the future and help small businesses create an online presence as well as utilizing my station to cross promote.

Where are we now?

After trying various radio hosting services, building a test app I am so happy to announce we have our final Apps in development right now. It was a really fun process because I had a really specific vision of what I wanted this app to be like and once it's built its going to be amazing. I picked out every color, every screen you see and every function this will have. We are going to be on IOS App Store including Apple TV and the Apple Watch. We are going to be on Google Play, Android TV and Alexa along with our website, dailywouldradio.com. I also bought the domain name, dailywoodradio.com so no matter how you spell Wood, you will arrive at my site. These apps should be launching in no longer than 2 weeks from now!

We have 2 shows in development and are seeking more! More details will be released soon but I am so excited! I will be hosting Morning Would, Wake Up With Morning Would which will be live weekdays at 8 A.M. Pacific Time. Contact me if interested in having your own show!

This week I am getting all of our music licensing which is perhaps the most expensive part of starting my online radio station but so important to pay everyone who makes this wonderful music that inspires and uplifts us!

That is why I've launched this kickstarter, to give Daily Would Radio the funding it needs to really market itself, hire talent and pay for music licensing. There are many ways you can show your support, sharing the kickstarter, donating, buying merchandise (we have really great hoodies which come with Free Shipping or even people have been Venmoing/Cash App me which has been so shocking and surprising but I am so appreciative of all the messages, love, money and support I've received. If you want to help our kickstarter is here and my Venmo is @thecurtcollins my Cash App is $CurtCc and all funds will go directly into starting this station.

As I embark on this new adventure look out because Daily Would Radio is coming soon, Ride the Happy Wave!

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