Covid 19

I have been tested several times for Covid during this pandemic but each time I thought I had Covid, turned out I didn't until this week. Tuesday, I was running errands and had developed a very odd headache where just half of my head hurt, so I thought just to be safe, I better get a Covid Test, thankfully Kaiser makes it so easy to get one.

I really didn't think I had it but Wednesday rolled around, I looked at my phone, got an email from Kaiser that my test results came in and boom, I tested positive. It's really scary to get this result especially because I am worry wart but the good news is I am only having mild symptoms. I drinking lots of fluids and getting lots of rest but I am terrible at being sick. I hate being sick, I just want to go do stuff and live my normal life (ha what's left of it anyway).

Anyway just wanted to give you an update on how I am doing! Hope you like the new UGLY but also really cute Holiday Sweaters we got! All of our products come with Free Shipping and a lot of love! Use promo code, youarethebest at checkout for an additional 10% off.

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