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Mental Health Matters

Daily Would Radio is so excited to announce a Brand New Show, Mental Health Matters airing Saturdays at 9 AM PST & Tuesdays at 4 PM PST. "36 years of friendship, ally ship, and love between two friends, one LGBTQ+, one an Ally to the community. Join Donna Marshalek and I on our new show, Mental Health Matters, exclusively on Daily Would Radio," Joe Barb via Twitter.


Joe Barb is Executive Director, and Founder of LGBTQ+ Family Connections Center. The LGBTQ+ Family Connections Center looks to, "Improve critical resources for LGBTQ+ by providing evidence-based behavioral health counseling, programs, education, emergency housing and support."

LGBTQ+ Family Connections Center

The LGBTQ+ Family Connections Center  mission began with Cofounders Joe Barb, and Lambert Miller questioning the lack of services and programs for LGBTQ+ youth, individuals and families in Rural America, and those impacted by LGBTQ+ issues after  conducting a community needs survey.


 Their research uncovered an enormous lack of community support in therapeutic programs, mental health services, crisis intervention, communication workshops, emergency shelter, long term housing assistance, and case management targeted to LGBTQ+ youth, families and individuals seeking life changing interactions, healing, communication, and connections in the Upper Great Plains, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska.  


To fill this unmet need,  the founders sought to create a Destination  LGBTQ+ Family Counseling Center, with mobile outreach in adjoining areas, in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota serving LGBTQ+ Rural Americans in the Upper Great Plains, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska.  





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