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Our Story

Daily Would Radio - Ride The Happy Wave

Since I was a kid I have loved the radio. I started my radio journey by just being a casual listener, then making mixed tapes. Eventually I was calling into 99 WMYX the MIX in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and requesting songs like Barbie Girl by Aqua, Lucky One by Amy Grant and Spice Girls. Soon I was doing funny bits for the DJ's including one time when I pretended to be Britney Spears.

After losing my job in 2020, I was completely lost on what I should do next. I was already doing a podcast, The Curt Collins Show where I learned how to put together a great show. After a while, I needed a reason to get out of bed everyday and I decided to do a live morning show, Morning Would. After doing the show for a couple of months, with a lot of enthusiasm I decided it was time to take it further which is when I came up with the idea for Daily Would Radio. A new LGBTQ+ our straight allies online radio station! A new happy place, come ride the happy wave! I thought how hard could it be to start your own radio station. It turns out it's harder than it looks. Especially, if you want your own apps and own identity. I am so excited to announce Daily Would Radio is launching April 1st 2021, with the start of Morning Would Live Radio show, Wake Up With, Morning Would. Live weekdays at 8 A.M. PT, exclusively on and our Apps.